Complaint Filed Against Fullerton Police Officials Over Concert Altercation

A Chief and Captain with the Fullerton Police Department are facing charges after allegedly committing battery in an altercation with two emergency medical technicians at a Lady Antebellum concert last week. 

The OC Register reported Wednesday that Irvine police have filed a complaint with prosecutors over the altercation with suspects Fullerton Police Chief David Hendricks and Capt. Thomas Oliveras.

The confrontation occurred at the FivePoint Ampitheatre Friday night in Irvine when Hendricks and Oliveras assaulted two EMTs who were attempting to treat Hendricks' wife, Mea, after she slipped while leaving a restroom and hit her head. 

A source close to the people involved in the incident alleged Hendricks pushed his way past a female EMT who was treating his wife. Hendricks insisted she was fine and tried to help her to her feet, while the EMT continued to hold onto her. Mea Hendricks kept saying she wanted to go home while Oliveras and a male EMT squared off in a way that was described as "dancing." Oliveras then allegedly put his hand in the neck area of the emergency worker for about 30 seconds.

Irvine police responded to the "disturbance" call and Oliveras and Hendricks were asked to leave. 

The female EMT wanted to press assault charges while the other medical worker did not, the source said. Irvine police said there were no injuries in the altercation.

Irvine police filed the complaint after reviewing audio recordings of the incident. There were no injuries in the altercation.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office will determine whether to file charges against the Fullerton police officials who have been on paid leave. 

Photo: Getty Images

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