Woman Tries To Raise 5 Puppies, Discovers They're Jackals

My mamma always said to me:  

"Never run over a box or paper bag you see in the street.  There may be kittens in there."

Well, as fate would have it, this story actually has NOTHING to do with kittens.  

But on the flip side, there is a box, and there ARE animals included!  Just no kittens...*this* time.

For our story, we must hop, skip and jump over the Mediterranean Sea, to (not-so-sunny) Croatia and meet an animal shelter worker who's only been identified as "Marina."

So what happened?

The Faun Kutina shelter took in a box which had been left in a field, and was apparently holding five puppies.  Two of the little ones were unable to make it, and died within months of their time in the shelter.

It was around this time that Marina shared some photos of the pups online, but started getting some interesting feedback.  I suppose the main piece of feedback is that the animals she was taking care of were jackals.

Whoaaa, bub!  Did you catch that?

The dogs she had been raising WERE NO DOGS AT ALL...but hungry, vicious, BRUTAL (and also cute)...JACKALS!!

Look at those faces.  Don't you hate it when that happens?

Read more over at Metro News.

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