Boy Trapped In Flood Drain Saved By Poking Finger Thru Manhole

This whole, near-tragic tale was covered on the show tonight. Conway Show tech director and board-op Mondo delivered a moving report of the story, but was overtaken emotionally and in the end he was unable to complete the story.

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It's a well-established nightmare for any parent, but thank the Maker!  This one ends all smiles.

An 11-year-old boy in Harrison Wisconsin got swept away into a sewer flood drain while playing with friends.

Some background:  Wisconsin is currently in a state of emergency due their Summer storms. 20 counties have been affected by flooding over the past 10 days.

Due to the governor's declaration, an increased law enforcement presence has been undertaken, and it may very well have been this which allowed authorities to respond to the 911 call so quickly.

It was these flooded conditions that the boy and his friends ventured out into.  After checking out the rising waters in the drain, one of them managed to get caught by the rushing torrent.  The only thing saving him was a hand which he had managed to grab hold of.

Soon after, authorities arrived and found a bystander struggling to keep the boy from getting pulled away and under, but to no avail.  Even a full-grown adult male would have gotten swept away by the water currents, say local officials, so the lad didn't have much of a (if any) chance.

Firefighters reported that when they saw him being held by the bystander, they knew they couldn't save the boy from getting swept away.  

Their mission was now one of recovery.

It was an eagle-eyed firefighter who noticed a finger poking through a closed manhole along the sewer's route, a finger which belonged to the recently swept-away boy.

Rescue crews immediately pried open the manhole, and pulled boy out - all smiles.

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