This Disneyland Visit From 1956 is a Blast From the Past!

When Disneyland Resort in Anaheim first opened its doors on July 17, 1955 after a year of construction, the $17 million 160-acre park featured 20 attractions and four realms inside the Magic Kingdom.

Of course, the Disney magic wasn't strong enough, and things didn't go as planned making the park's first day a disaster that Walt Disney and his executives would refer to as "Black Sunday" for years.

But, despite the opening day kinks, parents and kids alike grew to love Disneyland, with millions of visitors now coming to Anaheim every year to experience Disney's vision in a park that now boasts dozens of attractions and several new realms

Reddit user /u/altmantv found some home movies of his grandparents' visit to Disneyland in 1956, one year after the opening day blues, and decided to restore the tapes, giving us a stunning look back in time to when Disneyland had just opened its doors.

He writes in the video's description:

Shot by my grandfather on his Bell & Howell Filmo using 16mm Kodachrome film stock. 

This footage was taken a year after the California theme park opened. It was quite a surprise going through this and seeing my grandmother meeting Walt Disney himself!

It's a grand tour of Disneyland that includes horses, a ride on the Skyway (remember when that was still operating?) - and they even get to meet the man himself - Walt Disney! 

Check out the video below: 

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