#TastyTuesday: Is Your Wine Bad? & How To Keep It Good

Did you know wine can go bad?

@ForkReporter knows it can.  I know it's fermented and all, but it can still turn.

Now that you know that, though, how do you know when it actually has gone bad?

According to Wine Folly, there's 3 basic things to check:

1. How It Looks

  • It will get cloudy
  • It will leave a film on the bottle
  • It will change color
  • It will bubble

2. How It Smells

  • It will smell sour, like vinegar

3. How It Tastes

  • It will taste sour
  • It will taste like applesauce

Ok, so we told you how to spot bad wine.  

That's great, but how do you stop wine from going bad?

It's all about storage.

Wine Spectator breaks it down for us:

  1. Keep your wine between 45 and 65 degrees Farenheit (and try to keep it consistent)
  2. Keep it dark
  3. Keep it semi-humid (50-80%)
  4. Keep it sideways
  5. Keep it steady

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