Poll: Only a Quarter of Democrats Support Eliminating ICE

A July Fox News Poll found that the call to abolish ICE was not quite a trend among voters. 

In fact, the poll showed that 42 percent of voters were opposed to eliminating the agency and only 18 percent were in favor. 41 percent of registered voters approved of how ICE was handling its job, while an identical 41 percent disapproved. 

Another poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 57 percent of Democrats view ICE negatively but do not want to fully disband it. A full one-third of Americans have said they're too unfamiliar with the agency to form an opinion about whether it should be abolished or not. 

The effort to eliminate ICE was pushed after the separation of immigrant families getting caught crossing the U.S. and Mexico border illegally.  

The Trump administration was quick to work on a way to reunite the families but most Democrats are still left with the opinion that the administration isn't doing enough. 

85 percent of Democrats say the administration is doing too little to reunite children with their families, compared to 22 percent of Republicans.

More than 90 percent of Democrats disapprove of President Trump's immigration performance while majority Republicans favor his handling of the issue. 

The Trump administration has worked to curb legal immigration but according to the AP poll, 42 percent of Americans are more likely to say they want to keep it at existing levels. 29 percent want legal immigration to be increased and 28 percent decreased.  

Whether voters want ICE to go away or not, it may be here to stay but with some possible adjustments. 

Photo: Getty Images

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