New Bill to Tally Up All the Uncounted Rape Kits Across California

Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash

A new bill is landing on the governor's desk and if Jerry Brown signs it, the state would require law enforcement agencies to disclose their number of untested rape kits by July 1, 2019. 

The bill passed the Assembly in a 57-0 vote on Monday after the Senate passed the bill 39-0 last Thursday and now Governor Brown has until September 30th to sign or veto it. 

The new bill states that rape kits would have to be sent to a lab within 20 days of being booked into evidence, and labs would have to complete their analysis within 120 days. 

According to a Washington Post article written earlier this year, there are an estimated 11,000 kits left untested in Los Angeles alone.

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