Lakewood Deputies Rescue Baby Boy Found Not Breathing During Traffic Stop

A traffic stop led to two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies being hailed as heroes for saving a baby boy who had stopped breathing, officials said today.

According to the Lakewood Sheriff's Department, deputy Tyler Milton spotted a car driving erratically late Monday on Lakewood Boulevard heading toward the 91 Freeway. After he initiated the traffic stop, the car's driver exited his vehicle holding a 9-month-old infant boy. Milton quickly determined the child was unresponsive and not breathing. 

Milton called for back up and began to perform CPR, trying to resuscitate the child. A second deputy, Alissa Farrington, arrived on scene and they rushed to Long Beach Memorial Hospital while Milton continued performing CPR on the infant. 

While the deputies were transporting the child, Milton was successful in resuscitating the infant before they reached the hospital.  

The boy is currently listed in stable condition. There was no evidence of foul play, officials said. 

Photo: Lakewood Sheriff's Station

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