Texas Man Accused Of Shooting Female Drivers Out Of Hatred For Women

Photo by Hayden Walker on Unsplash

We all get mad on the road sometimes...someone cuts you off, drives too slow, tailgates you, etc.

But as many times as we've probably thought about doing something to that person...we never actually do it because we aren't all that crazy.

But guess who is!

A 29-year-old from Texas thought female drivers were "incompetent" so he shot at them from the window of his green Ford Explorer.

Authorities arrested Nicholas Dagostino for the second time in connection with two recent shootings near Houston. 

Two women told police they were shot in the arm while driving near his home, Dagostino later says it was in self defense as the women had cut him off earlier.  

Dagostino admitted to five separate road rage incidents over the past few months. 

His attorney, Kenneth Mingledorff, doesn't agree with the police saying he hates women.  

"There are a lot of misassumptions being made. There is absolutely no evidence that he hates women." 

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