Calabasas Ex-Football Player Killed In Jacksonville Mass Shooting

CALABASAS (CNS) - One of the two people killed in the mass shooting at a gaming tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, was a former Calabasas high School football player, according to media reports.

Eli "Trueboy” Clayton was identified by friends and family.

Clayton, 22, was an experienced gamer was from Woodland Hills. He went by the nickname ``True” according to his EA Sports player profile.

Clayton, along with Taylor "Spotmeplzzz” Robertson were shot in the GLHF Game Bar Sunday, allegedly by 24-year-old David Katz, a gamer from Baltimore, Maryland, who was at the location to participate in the Madden NFL17 Classic. Katz turned the gun on himself after shooting people in the tournament.

In addition to Clayton and Robertson, nine other people were also shot and two people were injured fleeing the area, the Jacksonville sheriff's office said.

The motive for the shooting remains unclear, according to authorities.

Photo: Getty Images

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