Senator Joel Anderson Assault Accuser Has Record of "Inciting Violence"

The female lobbyist who accused Senator Joel Anderson of assault at a bar near the Capitol last week has apparently had a history of assault herself. 

Katy Grimes with Canada Free Press had the opportunity to talk with Senator Joel Anderson about the accusations where the woman claims Anderson threatened to "bitch slap" her and harassed her at the fundraiser.

Anderson says he never spoke with the Los Angeles Times and that his side of the story is much different than what is being reported. 

The lobbyist for the California Nurses Association, Stephanie Roberson, reportedly approached Anderson first and said hello. The pair exchanged some more small talk before Anderson went to leave to another restaurant when Roberson told him to stay there. 

The "bitch slap" mix up allegedly occurs when Anderson said he told Roberson, “Here’s something that’s a real bitch slap—I unionized my own shop,” referring to his direct mail business, and knowing she’s with a labor union.

Anderson said it was loud in the bar where they were sitting so Roberson replied, “What did you say to me?” So he said he repeated his statement verbatim. After that is when Anderson said Roberson began screaming, “He’s threatening me! He’s threatening me!”

Once bar employees escorted him out, Roberson allegedly looked at Senator Anderson and said, “I’m going to get you.”

In her report Grimes then says after she heard this information, she began doing some digging on Stephanie Roberson and found that she has a history of inciting violence in public. 

"Superior Court records show that in late 2016, Roberson attacked a woman in the Blackbird Bar and was arrested for assault and battery, and for causing significant damage to the bar," Grimes reported. 

Roberson was ordered to take anger management classes after the 2016 incident and to never return to the Blackbird Bar.

Photo: Getty Images

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