Lip Sync Challenge: Vote and Decide Which Department Had The Best Video

Police, officers, firefighters, sheriffs, troopers, and just about everyone in every conceivable branch of law enforcement taken to YouTube to show off their silly sides by participating in the 'Lip Sync' Challenge! The slickly-produced videos are often hilarious and show off a different side to people who work in law enforcement. 

And while many people have gotten a kick out of the weekly viral videos as they've trickled out this summer, we realized something: No one has attempted to crown a winner and decide which department did the best job. 

So, we decided to take four of the best videos from California agencies are putting them up to allow you the chance to vote on them. 

First up, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department submitted a strong entry with songs like "Safe and Sound" and "Shake it Off.

They passed the challenge along to the Orange County Sheriff's Department. 

The Orange County sheriffs were more than happy to pick up the challenge and got into the fun with songs like "All my Exes (Live in Texas)" "California Love" and even the "Baywatch Theme" were used by the department for their video.

This was short, but definitely sweet. CHP's San Francisco division channeled their inner Wayne and Garth by lip-synching and headbanging along to Queen's classic, "Bohemian Rhapsody.

And last but not least, the California Highway Patrol resorted to recruiting a familiar face to help them out with their Lip Sync Challenge video. Erik Estrada went for one more ride with the CHP as they danced and lip-synched along to songs like "California Love," "California Sun" and California Dreamin'." 

(We have to give it up for the CHP officers who were playing along with "Hotel California" - pretty sure they were really playing their instruments).

What do you think? Which department do you think deserves bragging rights?? 

Click here to vote in our poll!

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