Parenting Your Adult Child With The Dad Podcast

Does your adult child still live at home?

Is it a struggle?  Is it stressful?  Is it creating tension?

How do you handle the situation and work towards a resolution?

Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast has something to say about that.

This article claims that the reason 30% of the 'kid's' living at home age 25-34 is due to the economy. I would argue that a substantial percentage of that group has a quality of life bar that is too high for where they are in life. I see a lot of parents feeling a burden to maintain their child's lifestyle they grew up in even after they have left the nest. How is it possible for someone who is new to the workforce to make enough money to have the same quality of life as a damn near 40-year-old who has been working 15-20 years building experience and income? 

You are supposed to move out of your parents house for freedom and use roommates to make that happen and roommates are supposed to make you want to work harder to get your own place so don't have to deal with roommates. Or you meet someone and decide to make them your sinful 'roommate' till you marry them. 

What if your adult child moves back in?

As far as kids moving back in, I think it is silly that their is an article breaking down that you have to treat them the same way you should treat them when they were 17 and living with you. My dad became a jerk when I turned 18 and I realized at 22 why. When I asked him if he was mean because he wanted me to move out he said, 'I didn't want you to be comfortable.'"

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