Lawmakers Approve Plastic Straw Ban, Bill Moves to Gov. Brown Desk

There is a new LA Times article with updates on the plastic straw ban and if you are somebody who enjoys a nice sit down meal at restaurants from time to time, this pertains to you. 

A bill was approved by lawmakers Thursday that prohibits the distribution of plastic straws at full-service, dine-in restaurants across California unless they are requested by the customer. The bill now heads to the desk of Gov. Brown for his signature. 

The restaurants will be able to offer paper or metal straws, and customers can bring their own plastic straws. The bill excludes fast-food restaurants. 

The straws are currently available only per request in Berkeley, San Diego and Huntington Beach.

Plastic straws are currently completely banned in Malibu, Manhattan beach, Davis and San Luis Obispo.

The first and second violations of the plastic straw ban would result only in warnings, while offenders could face fines of $25 per day for subsequent violations.

Photo: Getty Images

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