Hologram Technology is Preserving the Stories from a Holocaust Survivor

Music icons Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur have taken the stage many years after they died all thanks to hologram technology.

In Dallas, Texas the USC Shoah Foundation teamed up with the Dallas Holocaust Museum to film Holocaust survivor Max Glauben.

Filmed with a "proprietary video capture process", Glauben is able to not only tell his story, but allows visitors to ask him questions and he answers them.

Glauben, now 90, is one of the last surviving Holocaust survivors living in Dallas.

He survived the Warsaw Ghetto, five concentration camps and a death march before being liberated by General George Patton's 3rd Army tank division.

The project entails interviewers asking him more than 1,500 questions meant to fulfill any question a passerby may have.

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum will open in September 2019 and Glauben's story will be in the Dimensions in Testimony exhibit.

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