13-Year-Old YouTube Sensation Adam Chernick Joins The Show!

Today we're joined in-studio by Adam Chernick.  

Adam's like a lot of 13-year-olds you might know.  He's vocal, outspoken and wants to see the best for everyone.  He just took it that extra step in that not only does he want to SEE the best for everyone, he's out there to actually MAKE SURE that happens.

And how does he do this?

One of the main ways is through his ridiculously popular "Free Advice with Adam Chernick" series.

Yeah, you read that right.  The kid has his own series.

But once you get a glimpse of what he's got going on, it's not too difficult to see why Amazon Prime offered him his own show on the streaming video provider.

To call him "precocious" would be insulting.  It's actually a bit freakish at just how much he knows about the world and relationships:

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