These special need pups are especially sweet and in need of special humans

Over the past few months hundreds of pets found their way into the animal shelter. Many of those dogs, cats, rabbits and other critters have already found new homes. But there are a few special dogs at the shelter that still need your help. I wanted to highlight some of their stories.

Vida (A462703), a 7-month-old terrier mix, was turned into the shelter by her owners because she had trouble walking. They simply couldn’t afford her care. By relinquishing her, they hoped Vida would be diagnosed, fixed, and adopted into a loving home. At times, Vida walks on her own, but it’s clear she has mobility issues. She has some good days where she runs around like a normal puppy. But she also has bad days where she has trouble lifting herself off the ground. No matter what kind of day she is having, she maintains a happy, bubbly personality and loves everyone she meets. Vida enjoys toys, cuddles and being outside in the sunshine. The veterinary team isn’t sure if her illness is due to a congenital or nutritional problem, so we are recommending a full neurological consultation and MRI to determine future treatment. She would do well in a home that has a safe and secure environment without stairs. In the meantime, the shelter is looking for donations to get a wheelchair so she can have mobility to be the social, curious pup she is.

Bullet, (A414275), a 3-year-old, black and brown, shepherd/terrier mix, was abandoned in a home in Monrovia. His owner left him in the backyard with no food or water. An electric company worker discovered Bullet in the yard when they had come to shut off the lights. An animal control officer was called and he brought Bullet back to the shelter. Bullet’s energy and quirkiness quickly made him a staff and volunteer favorite. He makes everyone laugh when he zooms around the play yard. Bullet is very smart and has already earned his blue ribbon, which means he has learned some basic obedience skills like sit, down, stay. Bullet has been at the shelter for almost two months and could really use a family to call his own. He is looking for a family that has no other pets and can give him all of the attention.

Obi, (A962873), a 10-year-old yellow lab, found himself at the shelter because his owner couldn’t take care of him anymore. Despite his advanced years, Obi appears to be in good health. However, he is currently recovering from fly strike, a skin irritation condition commonly seen in dogs who spend most of their time outdoors during the warm months. Obi is a sweet older dog who has bonded closely with our volunteers. He loves to run around the play yard and romp through the kiddie pool. He’s hoping for a loving new home where he can enjoy his golden years.

Each one of these dogs was at one time living with a family. At some point, that relationship ended and the dog found their way to the shelter. The pups are getting extra special love and care at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA (PHS), but the truth is they each need a new home. Consider adopting one of the animals noted above or another animal available for adoption.

PHS will be participating in NBC’s nationwide Clear the Shelters adoption event, this Saturday, August 18. The adoption fee for all available pets will be just $20. Visit to view of all the animals in need of a new home.

Photo: Pasadena Humane Society

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