SB 10 Approved by Senate, Bail Bond Businesses at Risk

The California Senate approved Senate Bill 10 Tuesday by a vote of 26-12. 

The bill essentially eliminates the use of cash, checks or credit cards to secure a defendant's freedom before trial. 

Under SB10, bail would no longer be an option and the current bail system would be thrown out and replaced by a pretrial services agency that would look at the defendant's cases in a new way. 

“We’re going to look at you from two factors," State Senator Bob Hertzberg told KCRA. “What is your risk to public safety? And two, what’s your flight risk?” He added, “We’re putting a judge’s eyeballs on each individual. Instead of treating people based upon their wallet, we’re looking at every person as an individual."

Hertzberg said the bill is all about "fairness" but people in the bail bonds industry beg to disagree. The ultimate passing of the bill could put the public at risk.  

President of the Golden State Bail Agents Association, Topo Padilla explained this to KCRA,

“So, if you do miss court, you get released,” he said. “You get caught. You get released again. You get caught. It's going to be a catch and release program.”

One woman at risk of losing her successful business is Gloria Mitchell who owns Gloria Mitchell Bail Bonds in Pomona. She will be on with John and Ken Wednesday at 5pm with more on why this bill could really hurt a lot of people.  

Gov. Jerry Brown hinted at his intention to sign SB 10 when he said this in a statement after the Senate vote,

“Today, the legislature took an important step forward in reducing the inequities that have long plagued California’s bail system," he said.

Senator Bob Hertzberg talked to John and Ken Wednesday about this bail reform bill that he so proudly supports and why, among other things.

Listen to the interview below.

Photo: Getty Images

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