Nazi Labor Camp Guard Arrested by ICE and Deported to Germany

The White House says a former Nazi labor camp guard who was captured by ICE agents has been deported to Germany. 

Jakiw Palij came to the U.S. in 1949 and became a U.S. citizen in 1957 after lying about his Nazi background.  

The now 95-year-old admitted to Justice Department officials in 2003 that he trained at a Nazi camp in German-occupied Poland during World War Two. 

ABC News reports the deportation had been a long time coming:

He'd been accused of working at the Treblinka death camp -- including on an infamous day in November 1943 in which 6,000 prisoners were killed, according to the Justice Department's Office of Legislative Affairs. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum writes that SS police unit shot all 6,000 prisoners. An attachment of Jewish laborers was brought in to burn and bury the corpses. "After completing this dreadful work, the Jewish laborers were shot and their bodies burned," the website reads.

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