Taiwan Restaurant Makes Ice Cream 'Puppies'

We can't decide if these are cute or disturbing.  

Regardless of what you think, apparently, a lot of people in Kaohsiung, Taiwan are finding them delicious.

J.C. Co Art Kitchen has added a dessert item to their menu, ice cream 'puppies.'

Yep, you heard that right. 

Apparently, one of the dessert makers spends 5 hours crafting tiny little Shar-Pei puppies out of chocolate, milk tea or peanut flavored ice cream, and the things are so lifelike, it's disturbing to watch them being eaten.

According to CBS News:

"The ice cream is first scooped into a mold and left in a freezer to harden at -22°F, using a special recipe that allows “furry” ice crystals to form on the puppy’s “body.”  Then artists hand-paint details on the tiny pups, including their big, inky black eyes, using chocolate sauce.

So what do you think? Cute or disturbing? 

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