Suspected Arsonist Ordered to be Evaluated

SANTA ANA -- A second attempt to arraign a suspected arsonist fell apart Friday because of a bizarre series of outbursts and antics. 

Forrest Clark, who allegedly started the fire in the Cleveland National Forest, appeared from behind a cage and promptly shouted he was innocent, unprompted by the judge. 

The hearing quickly spiraled downward from there. Clark portrayed himself as other worldly and said he is a utility for transmitting energy. 

The outbursts caused the court to go into recess twice.

At one point, Clark identified another lawyer wearing a red tie. He claimed that the Windsor knot meant the man was part of the Windsor family and would therefore be good at representing him. 

Clark also jumped up on a bench and pressed an envelope with writing scrawled on it against the window. 

Judge Kimberly Menninger openly raised doubts about Clark’s competency and ordered mental evaluations by two doctors. 

The arraignment was continued to Oct. 10. 

Photo: Andrew Mollenbeck

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