Pop-Up Shop in Sherman Oaks A Disney Fan's Dream

SHERMAN OAKS - Fans of Disneyland can take a trip back in time at a new pop-up exhibit in Sherman Oaks. It’s called ‘That’s from Disneyland!’ and it features hundreds of items from the park, dating back to 1955.

“This collection ranges from the first ticket to the park, to souvenirs that you could’ve bought in the park. Pieces that range in value from $25 or $50, up to pieces that are worth $100,000 or more,” said curator Mike VanEaton.

The collection belongs to Richard Craft, who started collecting memorabilia about 30 years ago. VanEaton says Craft and his brother loved the park. Craft started collecting everything when his brother died.

The exhibit includes everything from original posters to puppets and pieces of rides from the park.

“It is nostalgia,” added Van Eaton. “We’ve had people crying in here. They see a piece, it’ll bring back a memory from a ride or childhood memory and they start crying. It’s incredible.”

Thousands of people line up every day to check out the exhibit.

“If you have any love for the park, this is an exhibit you have to see,” said VanEaton.

It’s open and free to the public until August 24th. The collection will be auctioned off after that.

Photos: Monica Rix

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