Mayor Eric Garcetti: Trump 'seems comfortable with his racism'

In an interview Thursday with The Associated Press, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti touched on many subjects like the homeless problem, his potential 2020 presidential run and even commented on the behavior of current President Donald trump.

In order to beat out Trump in a 2020 campaign, Garcetti plans to show how Trump 'doesn't back up his words.'

“We need to show this is not a strong man, this is a thin-skinned and ineffective person who isn’t saying everything wrong, he’s bringing up some good points, but he’s not producing anything,” Garcetti said. “And then the rest of the time he’s dividing us and trying to take things away from us.”

The mayor said that while “racism is something that lives in everybody,” Trump “seems to be much more comfortable with his racism, letting it out."

Garcetti also added that Trump "certainly has done plenty of racist things" and brought up the debacle with Omarosa Newman.

When asked about how he could beat Donald Trump in a 2020 election, Garcetti said he believes he could be a President that would listen more than speaks and called Trump a 'great insulter' and 'practiced bully.'

“Average American people are just looking to connect with someone they trust. I don’t think they trust Trump at the level that they did, even those who like him,” he said.

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