Exposed Public Urinals Pop Up in Paris

Public and very exposed urinals are now available for use across the city of Paris as a eco-friendly solution to public peeing. 

At first glance, the "uritrottoirs" look like bright red trash cans with a lovely garden on top, but the sign above the urinal depicting a man peeing into the u-shaped opening tells you it is in fact a public urinal. 

Some of the urinals are "tucked" away in private places but some are in plain sight of tourists like the one pictured above that faces River Seine which is often frequented by tourist boats.

There is even a uritrottoir about 22 yards away from a school near the Notre Dame cathedral. 

Paris has reportedly struggled to prevent public peeing for years.

According to the company behind "uritrottoirs", the "odor-free" urinals are filled with straw, where the urine flows, and can be used for compost within a year.

Photos: Getty Images

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