If you like a little panda-monium in your movie viewing (sorry, I just couldn't help myself with a panda pun) you may want to check out a new IMAX film narrated by Kristen Bell.

"Pandas" follows the journey of Qian Qian, a panda bred in captivity but raised to ultimately be released into the wild. Her guardians in China - one of whom is an American scientist - get tips from a man in New Hampshire known as Papa Bear. He raises orphaned black bear cubs with the goal of teaching them how to live in the forest.

The movie is full of cute moments, natch, and the 3-D visuals help bring the pandas' playtime alive. Couple that with a kicking soundtrack, full of some surprising songs, and a score by Devo frontman and in-demand composer Mark Mothersbaugh, and you've got an entertaining time.

The film only runs 40 minutes, so if you take a young seat squirmer, they won't have to hang long.

"Pandas" opens Friday, Aug. 17th for a special one-week run in commercial IMAX theatres across the country.

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