"Mystery Pooper" To Get Over $100K From New Jersey School District

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SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT ARRESTED FOR REPEATEDLY POOPING PN HIGH SCHOOL TRACK. | For some strange, inexplicable reason, public poopers have been waging turd terrorism across the country in recent months. First, there was the #MadPooper of Colorado Springs, a jogger who would routinely pinch a loaf on the same family’s lawn while out on a run. Then, there was the #ArkansasShitBandit, another jogger who liked to do number two near parked cars. Now, it looks like New Jersey police have finally caught their own dastardly defecator—and this one feels like the end of particularly shit-centric Scooby-Doo episode. | According to police, the mystery pooper who’d been shitting on the #HolmdelHighSchool track every morning wasn’t some angry student failing gym—it was the superintendent of a neighboring school district, http://NJ.com reports. | Read More: http://newyorkbeacon.com | #ArmingMillennials #ArmingBlackMillennials #ThomasTramaglini

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The New Jersey school administrator, dubbed the "Pooperintendent of Schools," who was caught on camera repeatedly defecating on school property is about to come into a lot of money. 

Former Kenilworth Public Schools superintendent, Thomas W. Tramaglini, will receive his full salary though September, two months severance pay, and get to cash out his unused vacation time.

Which adds up to...*drum roll* over $100,000 from the district! 

Tramaglini was arrested in May on charges of allegedly defecating in public, lewdness and littering after he was caught in a sting set up by employees at Holmdel High School.

Why? Well they apparently found feces on a "daily basis" near or on the school's football field and track. 

Authorities still haven't figured out Tramaglini 's motive...and who even wants to!?


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