LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey Stops By To Talk About AB 1810!

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey stopped by the studio Wednesday for a chat on John and Ken about AB 1810. 

According to her bio on the District Attorney's Office web page, DA Lacey's top priority is keeping the streets of Los Angeles County safe from violent and dangerous criminals. So it is no doubt Lacey is passionate about AB 1810 and is working hard to keep criminals in jail where they can serve their full sentences and not be put in mental health diversion programs where they could be placed for only a few months until released. 

In recent news, Gov. Jerry Brown has decided to potentially revise the bill in an effort to enforce stricter rules on who can argue they possess a treatable mental illness and therefore should be cleared of their convictions and who cannot based on the extent of their crimes.

In Wednesday's interview, DA Lacey talked about the possible revisions to the law and said this amendment will "fix the bill enough so that people can sleep at night."

The amendment to the current law would forbid those convicted of murder, sexual crimes and use of weapons of mass destruction from being eligible.

Listen to the full interview with DA Jackie Lacey below.

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