@DrWendyWalsh Discusses Sex Robots And Marriage

It seems like sex robots are here to stay.

But when it comes to human relationships, where do the robots belong?

Marina Adshade, author of “Sexbot-Induced Social Change: An Economic Perspective" thinks that sex robots have the potential to change the way we view and handle marriage.

"The need to find someone with whom you are mutually sexually compatible imposes a constraint on the decision of whom to marry. Sexbots could very well produce higher quality marriages."

But wait! We have an idea... What about having sex with... your spouse?

Adshade suggests that sex robots can help couples focus on other parts of their relationships instead of being too worried or focused on the sexual aspects.

"Moreover, if sexual access through sexbot technology is a complement to household production, then we could observe an increase in the quality of marriages and, as a result, a reduction in rates of divorce."

@DrWendyWalsh joined Gary and Shannon on the show today to discuss how sex robots could potentially change relationships and even marriages.

Read the full story on Slate.

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