We All Have A Hippo Spanking Story, Don't We?

We all have a hippo spanking story, don't we?

Now, I don't mean that we have all spanked a hippo, but we have all spanked a hippo, if you know what I mean.

You know, that thing you did, that if it had been recorded, would have probably (definitely) got you in a bit of trouble.

Maybe you walked through a residential community naked.

Maybe you peed in front of people (including the police).

Maybe you fed a federally protected animal.

Maybe you paid for certain services in a certain country.

(I'm not saying that all of those stories are true, but I'm also not saying that they're all false...)

See, we all have our hippo spanking story.

Take this guy at the L.A. Zoo last week.  He thought it would be smart to climb over the enclosure barrier and actually spank a hippo.

Now, luckily for the hippo (and the guy...) everyone involved was ok.

Even though there wasn't a "No Trespassing” posted at the exhibit until after the incident, it's pretty much common sense that messing with a hippopotamus isn't the best idea someone could have.

Plus, as L.A. Zoo Spokeswoman April Spurlock told the Los Angeles Times, it is super dangerous for the animal and the person.

“Any unauthorized interaction with an animal is unsafe for the animal and potentially unsafe for the patron.  It is never appropriate for anyone to attempt to have contact or interaction with any animal outside of our staff-led animal experiences.”

Luckily, this animal wasn't harmed, so it is just a case of trespassing.

What about you, though?  What's your "hippo spanking" story?

Don't lie!  We know you have one!

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