Girl Scouts Unveil NEW Cookie!

What is it about Girl Scout Cookies that make them SO GOOD?

Well, cookie lovers, brace yourself.... this news will want to make you run out and BUY A BUNCH OF COOKIES RIGHT NOW!

But wait, you can't just yet....because Girl Scout Cookie Season doesn't start until January.  DAMN!

But there is good news.  When it IS time to get your cookies, there is a BRAND NEW one to try!

Behold, the new Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie!

It's exactly as it sounds: a delightful mix of caramel and semi-sweet chocolate chips with just a touch of sea salt.


And....wait for's certified 'gluten-free.'  This is the second gluten-free cookie the Girl Scouts have made available to the masses.  The first, Toffee-Tastic will be back this year.

So, now we have to track down Tawala Sharp, Producer of 'The Mo Kelly Show' because his daughter is the one who keeps us in our supply of Girl Scout Cookies!  

Let's see, we'll take:

  • 10 boxes of Thin Mints (Put these in the freezer, they're heavenly!)
  • 5 boxes of Lemonades (Lemony deliciousness)
  • 5 boxes of Do-Si-Dos (Classic peanut butter sammies)
  • 10 boxes of Trefoils (A simple shortbread cookie, goes perfect with a cup o' tea)
  • 5 boxes of Thanks-A-Lot (Shortbread and fudge...WHERE CAN YOU GO WRONG?!)
  • 5 boxes of Samoas (Caramel and toasted coconut...yum!)
  • 10 boxes of Caramel Chocolate Chip (WANT. THESE. NOW!)

Yeah, that should cover us for the season.

Find out all the details about the cookies HERE!

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