A Shelter Dog Goes From Starvation to Stardom

When the Japanese Mastiff was found on the street near a shelter in Texas, reports are he was just skin and bones. But not for long.

The shelter took him in and when his future owner came walking in, apparently Tuco knew it. 

"He jumped up, gave me a big hug and he was like, 'Take me home.' I was like, 'You're the one,” said Clay Hayner. "It just clicked. He knew what he was doing."

His owner just happens to be a professional photographer and with Tuco's beautiful mug, Hayner says he had to take advantage of it. It also helps that Tuco is quite possibly the most laid back, easy going, chill dog ever.  

His incredible disposition has made him a favorite in the photo studio and with advertisers. Tuco will soon be a face for Purina!

He's gone from mean streets to endless treats because of a shelter.

LA's shelters are busting full right now. They are having an event this weekend called Clear the Shelters. If you have space in your home and your heart for a forever friend, consider adopting!

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