John Cox Saves the Day at San Diego DMV

Gubernatorial candidate John Cox recognizes the problems surrounding California DMVs and he is here to help. 

Cox stopped by his local DMV in San Diego and handed out bottles of cold water to people waiting in line for hours.

This friendly gesture and campaign stop comes days after Democrats dodged a vote that proposed a sate audit of the DMV to look into wait times. 

“This is a great reference point for everything John talks about,” said campaign spokesman Matt Shupe. “It’s about bringing more transparency to government. It’s about approaching issues like a businessman. It’s about reforming a government entity that nobody is happy with.”

Cox's first campaign advertisement released in June, titled “Help is on the Way,” focuses on platforms such as unaffordable home and rent costs, the state’s infrastructure, rising poverty rates and the gas tax.

Listen below to John Cox talk with John about these DMV failures. 

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