State Lottery Executives Accused of Inappropriate Behavior, Photos Surface

Photos of California State Lottery managers engaging in inappropriate conduct during a business trip in 2016 have recently surfaced on the internet. 

The pictures depict some members of the management team partaking in what one employee describes as "lewd and sexually inappropriate behavior."

The photos surfaced after a whistleblower wrote an anonymous three-page letter to government officials including Gov. Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom, saying they have had enough of the inappropriate drunken behavior from upper management. 

The letter allegedly states the "gross misconduct and lewd sexually inappropriate public conduct by some members of the California State Lottery management team" happened while traveling on the state's dime.

Three photos were attached to the letter that show different managers at a California bar giving the middle finger and one of them has his head up a woman's shirt.

In the letter, the whistleblower writes the behavior in the photos is a "gross violation" of the California Government Code of Conduct.

Donna Sullivan worked for the Lottery for over 35 years and just recently retired, she says because of behavior like this.

"I'm not surprised. No, I'm not surprised," Sullivan told abc7"The climate got very bad, I think it would be better if the boys club was demolished and the lottery would go back to doing business of the lottery -- giving money to education."

 A shop steward for the union representing lottery employees Paulina Vasquez, says complaints like Sullivan's started several years ago.

"We regularly receive concerns regarding management's behavior or bullying in the workplace of conduct, foul language things of that nature," said Vasquez.

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