Officials Use Secret DMV Office Near State Capitol

It is a good thing elected officials of California don't have to go to the regular DMV like the rest of us, they would have to wait in those horrid lines and miss work and other important things. 

Nope it turns out there is a Capitol office of the California Department of Motor Vehicles where these officials can register their cars, renew their driver's licenses and apply for the Real ID card. 

The probable no-wait DMV is in the Legislative Office Building in downtown Sacramento behind an unmarked door with a peephole.

According to the sacbee, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday, with an hour break at noon for lunch, in-person service is available by appointment.

The office serves an array of elected and appointed officials as well as current and retired members of the Legislature and Congress.

According to DMV spokesman Artemio Armenta,

“The staff of 2 handles roughly 10,000 requests annually working with members offices, DMV field offices and DMV Headquarters,” he wrote in an email. “Approximately ninety percent of the work performed by the two person staff deals with constituent problems, questions or concerns dealing with DMV issues.”

There is no data on the wait times for the Capitol office because according to Armenta, the office does not have the agency’s queue system installed.

(Photo: Sacramento Bee)

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