Kris Ankarlo Gets #HolyFire Phos-Chek In The Name Of KFI

The SoCal blaze dubbed the #HolyFire has been ripping through the Temescal Valley in Lake Elsinore, leaving more than 18,100 acres charred.

As of 7:15 PM Pacific today, the fire was still rolling strong with only 10% containment.  While dismal, the numbers do show minor improvements from this morning's official figures.

KFI's own Kris Ankarlo has been covering the devastating blaze, keeping Californians posted with all the innovations as they happen:

Being the diligent fella that he is, Kris called into the show from Lake Elsinore to give us the view from the ground.  

But forget ye not!  KFI is more stimulating talk. So the radio gods deemed it fitting to keep to the M.O., and not 2 minutes into the report saw Ankarlo get both soaked by a water hauling chopper AND getting a load of phos-chek poured all over him from an aerial firefighter.

Talk about TOTAL coverage!!

Listen to Kris' full report in the player below:

Read more over at Time.

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