This Uber Needs Oats...Maybe a Carrot for a Tip!

A man in Michigan has taken ride-sharing in a different direction - like maybe through Colon, an Amish community. The only tricky thing is, well, he's Amish, which means he's not on Uber and doesn't own a phone...or a car. But he does have a very nice horse-drawn buggy! So, really, it's a very personalized buggy ride! 

All you'll have to do is wave Timothy Hochstedler down, tell him where you'd like to go, like maybe home after a raucous night out, and then you climb on in, and you, Mr. Hochstedler, and his horse, *Mondo, are on your way!

You can even open your trip up to share it with other people and split the cost. That would be about $2.50 a piece. Truly, the ride is a flat rate of $5.00.

*Mondo is most likely NOT the name of his horse.

To read more, click HERE!

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