The Impact Of Technology & Birth Order With The Dad Podcast

Alexa and Google Home are everywhere.

They order our groceries.  They play us our favorite songs on command.  They look up fun facts.

Whatever you want, they do it.

But, are they really impacting your children?

As surprising as it may be, they might be.

Parents all over are realizing that their children's interactions with digital assistants are impacting their human interaction skills.

Despite some people's belief that the massive influx of technology into family life is not harmful, Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast says that is not the case.

He says that interactions with these technological devices are never a good replacement for human interaction.

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What about birth order?

We've all heard the jokes that the oldest kids get the harshest rules and the youngest are favored.

(Oh crap, middle kids!  Yeah, well, they tend to be forgotten...)

Do your parents treat you differently because of your birth order?

Do you treat your children differently?

The answer is...yes!

But, don't worry about it.  It is normal.

It doesn't mean you love them any more or less, it just means they are a different person, and you were a different person when you raised them, so you treat them differently.

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To hear more of Justin's take on the impact of technology and birth order, and other parenting topics, you can check out all of his stuff at The Dad Podcast

Check out his latest episode with Dr. Jay Sutay about ADHD Meds and Metabolism, and how to identify sensational medical studies and headlines. 

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