Sacramento Attorney Accused of Busy Freeway Arson

(Jessica Ann Warne: Solano County Jail)

No that is not a retired 80's rock star featured in that mugshot. 

No in fact it is a lovely lady accused of torching a portion of a major interstate in Vacaville.

Jessica Ann Warne, 46, is actually a Sacramento attorney with a small law practice near Sacramento State and is now facing a felony arson charge. 

Warne was arrested Tuesday morning after CHP responded to a fire on I-80. 

Paralegals who work in the same office building as Warne told CBS13 they were shocked she could have done this. 

“That shocks me to hear that,” said Bob Eisenbarth. That she was actually arrested for that! I would give her the benefit of the doubt.”

Eisenbarth works in the same building as Warne and frequently sees her in the building.

“She works hard, she’s diligent,” he told CBS13. “I know that just by association!”

However others who work in the same office building as Warne said they noticed her exhibiting bizarre behavior on Monday.

One person said Warne was doing yoga in the middle of a busy street. And another said she had cigarette ash smeared all over her face.

What an interesting way for her clients to get their court case postponed, what do you say, sorry my lawyer is in jail?

Warne’s bail has been set at $25,000.

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