The Latest "Fitness" Challenge

The thigh gap had to be usurped some time. China is credited with coming up with some other physical proof, other than being fit and fabulous, that a person is beautiful. Boney, even. So boney is beautiful? We say, NAAAYY!!!

The challenge is called “fish in collarbone challenge.” Women fill their collarbone indentation with water and put one or more live fish into it to show off how skinny they are.

This was a big deal, apparently, in China a few years ago, but has recently gone viral in other countries. Why??? What about the poor fish? They don't care if your boney ass can hold a pool of water in your neck! And if a person is that skinny, they should probably just eat the poor fish and at least let its life serve a higher purpose. 

That said, seeing the video is pretty fascinating.

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