Herd of Cows Assists in Arrest of Carjacking Suspect

Police say a carjacking suspect in central Florida almost got away from police after bailing out of her vehicle during a car chase, but her escape was thwarted by a herd of curious cows.

According to WKMG-TV, Sanford police were in pursuit of a stolen Subaru SUV from Brevard County on Monday when the driver crashed the car into a ditch near Sanford. The driver, identified as Jamie Young, 46, ran into a pasture to the east, while a passenger, identified as Jennifer Kaufman, ran into a nearby cow pasture south of the crash.

A third passenger remained at the scene and was quickly arrested by pursuing officers.

Young was also quickly apprehended by a Sanford police dog the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Kaufman kept running, as an aircraft with the Seminole County Sheriff's Office continued to track her escape into a field where a large herd of cows was grazing for the night. 

But instead of a quick escape, Kaufman found herself surrounded by nearly two dozen cows in pursuit. 

In video released by the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Kaufman can be seen running through the field attempted to avoid the cattle, with one curious cow getting particularly close to her. 

A sheriff's official can be heard directing deputies to the woman's location using the bovine as landmarks, "If you see the large group cows, they’re literally following her and chasing her." 

Eventually, the cows drove the woman to the edge of the field where she attempted climbing through a fence only to be immediately arrested by additional officers responding to the scene. 

The owner of the field, Richard Kondracki, told WKMG that he's owned dozens of cows over the years and they've never been aggressive in the past. He added that he hadn't ever seen anyone run through his field before either. 

“I think they didn’t realize who they were,” Kondracki said. “They panicked. The cows were nervous. That would make me panic – if all those big cows come running at you. They didn’t know them. They don’t know if they’re there to hurt them or steal one of the babies.”

Kaufman and Young were both charged with trespassing, petty theft, drug possession and resisting arrest. Police say they also found 1.3 grams of cocaine and additional drug paraphernalia inside the stolen Subaru. 

Photo: Seminole County Sheriff's Office

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