Feminist Group in France Launches Campaign to Ban Postcards Showing Butts

A feminist group in France has launched a campaign to ban postcards featuring scantily clad women they say are "sexist", "degrading" and contribute to rape culture. 

The Femmes Solidaires (Women’s Solidarity) group urged its 10,000 members to keep an eye out for the postcards and report where they are being sold. 

The group said the cards portray women as “sex objects that can be consumed and thrown away under the pretext of leisure and entertainment”.

Some of the postcards depict women in bikinis or thongs with most of their butt exposed.

The group even went so far as to say the postcards "help legitimize and trivialize violence against women."

The idea that men are out committing crimes against women because they see a humorous butt on a postcard is absurd.

National Review author Katherine Timpf, had some words to say about this campaign for the ban and called it "insane."

"These women are actually saying that a perfectly normal, reasonable nonviolent man — who would not have ever harmed a woman otherwise — might see a picture of a butt and then suddenly think it’s okay to hit his wife," Timpf writes. "Sorry, but I really, really don’t buy that. In fact, I am pretty confident that not even a single act of violence against even a single woman has ever been committed because of one of these postcards."

Going to have to agree with you there Timpf.

Photo: Getty Images

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