Police Pull Over Toddler in Toy Car, Let Him Off With a "Cuteness Warning"

A 1-year-old toddler found himself on the wrong side of the law after he was pulled over for driving without a license in a red toy Mercedes convertible car - but, the tiny traffic offender was let off with a "cuteness warning."

Police in Malden, Massachusetts (a suburb near Boston), say the traffic stop began after they spotted the little tyke named Grayson Salerno driving his red toy Mercedes convertible along a sidewalk in town. 

Officer Ayrton Borges, who happened to know the couple, decided to pull his cruiser behind the convertible and hit the lights, pulling the little speed demon over. 

Photos of the traffic stop have been widely shared across social media. 

Grayson's mom, Cori, says she's happy the impromptu moment has been making people smile after it went viral online. Cori says Grayson was out visiting family for dinner after celebrating his first birthday a few days ago when her sister-in-law encouraged them to stage the traffic stop.

“It’s a little remote control car, so we just drove him out to the sidewalk and my husband said ‘pretend to give him a ticket,'” Salerno told 7News. “He’s so sweet. He just went along with it.”

Of course, it's doubtful the little motorist understands why his future insurance rates might be higher - Grayson was sporting a shirt that said, "I have literally no idea what you are saying."

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