L.A. City Council President Facing Questions Over Unpaid Credit Card Bill

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson is again facing questions over financial troubles, with Discover Bank having secured a judgment against Wesson and his wife for more than $4,500 in relation to an unpaid credit card bill, it was reported today. 

Wesson issued a statement saying the dispute with the company had been resolved but did not address when the bill was paid or why he and his wife, Fabian Wesson, failed to respond to the bank's notifications, according to the Los Angeles Times.

``A few years ago our family experienced some financial challenges that have since been rectified,'' Wesson said in an emailed statement, according to The Times. ``This bill has been paid in full.''The Times story followed a report earlier this week on City Watch, which documented Discover Bank's lawsuit against the Wessons. 

Both news outlets also reported in 2016 that Wesson had received five default notices on his properties in five years and came close to experiencing a foreclosure auction on a rental house he owns in Ladera Heights, although he was ultimately able to resolve the real estate issues. 

According to the reports this week, three months ago Discover Bank secured the judgment after saying the Wessons had $4,195.02 in unpaid bills and had that the company had also incurred $334.50 in costs while seeking payment.

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