Subway Rider in New York Takes Best Seat in the House

Couch guy new hero on NYC train

If you can count on one thing while riding the subway in New York City, it's that you'll never have a boring time. In a time of viral stars and weird sights, watching a man drag a large leather couch onto the a New York City subway car has to be worth something. 

In video posted to Reddit, a man was spotted lugging a large leather couch onto a subway Monday evening, where he sprawls out, feet first with this head back. The couch is wedged between two subway seats, blocking a set of doors, with a walker resting comfortably on the cushion next to him. 

Eventually, the video ends as the train arrives at the Wall Street 4/5 station. 

At the very least, users admired the man's dedication to bringing the couch onto the subway. Not only did the man have to carry it down a series of subway stairs to get to the station, he also needed to avoid any MTA officers, get the couch over the turnstile, and get it inside the subway car before the doors closed. 

One eagle-eyed Reddit user said he saw the man with his couch earlier that evening, and pointed to the walker sitting on the couch next to him, saying that may have been how the man managed to get it into the subway.

"So, basically, that thing resting on the couch beside him is either a folded-up wheelchair or walker, I couldn't tell," user AlterdCarbon wrote. "But he had the couch f***ing BALANCED on it on the back bottom edge, and was wheeling it down the sidewalk swearing loudly and jumping from one end to the other as it kept starting to tip off the tiny wheelchair thing."

Of course, it could be worse. You could be crowded in the car with a New York City cop and his tricycle scooter after the train breaks down in 100 degree heat. 

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