Stray Dog Completes Half-Marathon, Taken to Pound At Finish Line

Some big news coming out of Adelaide, Australia! 

Meet Stormy the dog.  While he is a stray, he's far from average.  

This canine captured the hearts of Australians when it was discovered that not only had he unwittingly entered a human half-marathon in Adelaide, but completed the race with a better finishing time than some of his human competitors. 

Stormy finished in 70th place with an impressive time of 2:30, out-racing 24 people.  As one of the top 80 contestants, Stormy was officially awarded a medal.

Even though Stormy wasn't officially registered as a competitor, he was noted for having stopped at every single one of the race's checkpoints.

So how did it all happen?  Pretty easily, actually.  Early in the race, he was trotting alongside some of the human contestants in the marathon path, when simply crossed the line into the race itself:

Despite actively stopping at all checkpoints in accordance with marathon regulations, it wasn't all cotton candy and rainbows at the finish line.

In addition to a slew of newfound Stormy supporters waiting for the triumphant 1-year-old pup, authorities and handlers found that no one was claiming him.

This information unfortunately acted as a one-way ticket to the pound for poor Stormy.

SB Nation reports that if no one claims the dog by the end of the week, he’ll be put up for adoption. Australians with about $300 to spend on adoption fees can 

Anyone in western Australia can apply to adopt the heart-stealing hero for a cost of about $300 in adoption fees, plus expenses.

Get more info over at SB Nation.

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