Scott Baio Accuses Nicole Eggert of Harassing Him and His Wife

Former television star Scott Baio says he's filed a police report against actress Nicole Eggert saying his former co-start has been harassing him and his family. 

Earlier this year, Eggert accused her former Charles in Charge co-star of sexually assaulting her while they were working together on the hit 80's sitcom together. Baio denied the accusations, calling their relationship consensual and that it only happened after she turned 18. 

At a news conference in Los Angeles Thursday morning Baio asserted that Eggert has been harassing him and his wife by sending hundreds of text messages and on social media. 

"Well of course it makes you feel angry. I've done nothing wrong, and this person has a fixation," Baio said. 

In June, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office decided against prosecuting Baio. Since then, the actor says Eggert has been flooding his and his wife's texts with messages harassing him. 

Baio dismissed Eggert's claims, saying the people on the Charles in Charge set had a great time. 

"Charles in Charge, was the most fun thing I've done in my career, and I've done a lot. Everybody on that set had a good time, and it was great," Baio said. 

The actor says he's filed a harassment complaint with the Los Angeles Police Department over Eggert's behavior and has also taken five separate lie detector tests that prove his innocence from her allegations. 

"What can else can she say? Polygraph evidence got caught, fifty different ways not telling the truth. Unless she wants to fabricate something else that I didn't do," Baio said. 

The case has been transferred over to the Threat Management Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department. 

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