OH NO: Secret Service Hired Russian Spy At US Embassy

A suspected agent for the Russian government allegedly worked undetected in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

The US Embassy in Moscow. Photo by Getty Images.

An unidentified Russian woman worked for the Secret Service as a liaison between the agency and Russia's law enforcement and intelligence agencies. 

The Guardian broke the story today, and it only adds fuel to the rapidly-growing anti-Russian sentiment here in the US.

The suspect spy is being reported as having regular unauthorized meetings with members of Kremlin's Federal Security Service. 

She had access to the agency's email and intranet system and the agency had attempted to hide the breach by quietly firing her in 2017 without an investigation. 

Perhaps the scariest part of this breaking news is that the suspected spy worked at the embassy for more than 10 years before she was caught.

Read more over at the Guardian.

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