Dogs & Kids Make Me Laugh...a LOT

I saw this video in my Facebook feed the other day and I could NOT STOP LAUGHING.... and it, of course, sent me down the rabbit hole to find more videos like it, which kept me laughing until my stomach hurt and I almost peed myself.

So, because it's Hump Day and you need an excuse to get out of your funk at work, I present to you, all the fun videos I've seen so far in the last week.  So laugh yourself silly, just don't pee yourself at work. 

And here's an oldie but goodie! 

I don't have children, but I have a lot of nieces and nephews so my life in that department has been pretty full, so I'd like to think that I would be a good, but one of those really fun, cool moms.

Thanks to my friends who do have children, I've been exposed to the website Scary Mommy and their website, videos and social media posts are really informational and usually have me in stitches.

Take this one for example, I couldn't stop watching this one this weekend and laughing myself silly.  

And then there was this camera footage that I'm sure when one mom saw it, had to have laughed her ass off. 

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