#InMyFeelingsChallenge Viral Dance Video *WARNING*

I don't know if Keke loves you but Conway does and wants you to be safe! The #InMyFeelings challenge has inspired thousands to dance outside their car and show off their sweet moves. Celebrities like Will Smith has even joined in the #InMyFeelings challenge by dancing on top of the Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary. 


This viral dance challenge started off when social media super star Shiggy posted a video of himself dancing to "In My Feelings" by Drake. After this video hit the interwebs people took to the streets, jumped out of their cars and tried to duplicate this viral video dance moves.

If you are thinking of attempting the #InMyFeelings challenge remember safety first! Many people are getting hit by cars, falling out of cars and even getting dragged by their own car! The National Transportation Safety Board are not on board with the #InMyFeelings challenge and are worried for peoples safety. The NTSB have called this challenge dangerous and could lead to death. Save those dance moves for the dance floor not the streets! 

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