Putin's Soccer Ball Gift to Trump Did Have A Bug...Sort Of

Many people joked about it, Senator Lindsey Graham even tweeted a warning, and now it turns out they were right. 

Kind of. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin's gift of a soccer ball to President Trump had a transmitter chip inside...but it wasn't a spy device. 

The $165 (reduced to $83 in the past week) Adidas AG ball contains a Near Field Communications chip, the same technology used in some contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

The embedded chip gives users access to player videos, competitions and other content sent directly to their phones. 

Adidas says the chip cannot be modified and there haven't been any reports of any security vulnerabilities, but there's also no way to tell from photos whether or not it was swapped out with a listening device...but c'mon, how could there not be!?

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